Terms and Conditions of Sale

How to buy?
You just have to select the product and add it to your cart by clicking the button “ADD TO CART”, and send your request, choosing your preferred method of payment. To know more about our terms and conditions, please click here.

How to Pay?
You can pay your order by choosing one the following methods:

  • Visa Credit Card or Mastercard
  • PayPal

    All purchases made through this website are subject to VAT, which is already included in the
    prices presented to you.

Receipt and Adress of Delivery
You must ask for a receipt when you make your order. The invoice address is the one we have on your account/register, and if you change it during your purchase process, it will automatically be changed on your account too. The delivery address may be different from the invoicing address. In case you need a duplicate of the invoice/receipt, please contact us at info@surfskate.pt.

Catalog of Products, Promotions and Stocks
The prices and promotions that apply to the products, are mentioned on the website and will be indicated on the moment of purchase, regardless of the prices or promotions existing on the day of delivery of your products. All promotions existing in our website (identified with “before” and “now” prices) are limited to the existing stocks. All orders made by the Clients are subject to confirmation, due to the inability to keep the website updated at all times.

Management of Stocks Policy
We make all efforts to keep our offer updated on the website through a daily confirmation of stocks. However, due to the inability to confirm the stocks on the online platform, at all times, all orders are subject to confirmation. Some of our products might be customised, so the confirmation of its materials/specifications should also be done before payment.

Time Frame for Delivery
If the products your ordered are available in stock, the time frame for its delivery is 1 week. However, some situations, such as the address is wrongly provided, or reasons of force majeure, may delay the delivery periods agreed. If you order is taking longer than expected, please contact us at info@surfskate.pt.

Delivery Fees
To the prices of products, we will add an extra fee for shipping, which will be calculated case by case, depending on the weight and delivery address of the order. This cost with shipping will be calculated before you confirm and pay your order.

Problems with the Delivery
When you finish your order, you will be given a reference number that will allow you to track you order or make any query or claim. At the same time, you will receive a confirmation e-mail with all data from your ordered products.
If you did not receive you order in the period established, it is possible that it has not been correctly submitted (please verify your confirmation e-mail), or that you have given us a wrong address. In that case, please verify all your data and contact us.

Shipping Mistakes
In the event of a damaged package, the Client must verify its contents upon delivery. If something is missing, or damaged, you must contact us immediately, so that we can solve the situation right away.
Despite our effective quality control, due to shipping situations that are out of our control, if you receive a product that you did not order, or that is damaged, please contact us immediately.

Conditions for Resolution and Return of Products
As an online buyer, we inform you that you have the right to resolve the contract in 14 (fourteen) consecutive days, counting from the day you (or a third party on your behalf) receive the order. The intention to resolve the contract has to be clear and unambiguous and shall be done in writing to the following e-mail address: info@surfskate.pt.
We have the right to confirm the conditions of the products you send back to us, and the product is considered to be in its normal conditions when it shows no sign of use, its package remains unopened, and has its tags intact.

If the product had some offer, this product must be returned as well. If any of these conditions is not verified, you may not exercise your free right to contractual resolution. After verifying the product upon return, and provided it is in proper conditions, the Client will be reimbursed on the amount paid, by the same method of payment he first used, within 14 (fourteen) consecutive days.
The costs with shipping of the return shall be supported by the Client. If the product is customised, you are not entitled to the resolution rights herein, unless you decide to cancel your order before we start said customisation.

Procedure to Resolve the Contract
To exercise its free right to contratual resolution, the Client must contact us at info@surfskate.pt, identifying the order reference number and the products.

Please read more about the Free Right to Contratual Resolution:

All our products are new and have a warranty of 2 (two) years, as defined by the Portuguese law.

Terms of Use – User´s Private Area
You can purchase at our website without being registered, although we strongly recommend you to create an account. This will allow you to buy in a simpler and safer way, without introducing your data every time you buy, and also allowing you to have access to information on previous purchases, news and campaigns.
To create an account, you only need to access the My Account on the upper part of the website, select the option “Register” and introduce the necessary personal data.

If you need to change data, access your account and introduce your e-mail and password. Then make all the amends you wish and in the end click the button “save”.

When you create your account, or make any order in our website, we collect your personal data, namely, your name, address and method of payment. These data is processed and kept in our databases, and it´s only used to process your order, and to send you marketing information if you accept and consent on that.
You may change your data at any time, or you may ask us to remind you of your password in case you forgot it. If you wish to do it now, please click here.
According to our warranties of security and confidentially, we are committed to offer our Clients the highest standards of safety and protect the confidentiality of their data, Therefore, the commercial transactions are done on a safe server under protocol SSL (Secure Socket Layers), and all communications encrypted on a 128 bits key, that assures the highest level of protection to communications. You can verify if your browser is safe by checking the presence of the “padlock” symbol or if the address starts with https instead of http. We guarantee the safety and confidentiality of all data you provide to us. We do not accept the register of minors (under 18 years old), therefore, in this case, the accounts/orders must be done under one of the parents/tutors name and responsibility.